Season Correlations

Fall relates to pumpkins mainly due to haloween being during the fall and pumpkins growing best during the fall. Searches for pumpkins may also have risen due to a recent lack of pumpkins in the United Sates. Pumpkins lost due to the weather in areas of the United States not being suitable to grow pumpkins. This is important because of the potential lack of a common vegetable in and around people's homes.Check out the article.

Gifts around winter can be related to Christmas, and more people are annoyed from christmas ads and decorations being displayed in stores months before the holiday, stores do this in an attempt to start the money making season early, large corperations like target agknowledge this and could be related to an increase in searches.Find the article here!

During the spring, not much takes place other than the natural event that is the blooming of flowers across the United States. Specifically the deserts in California are not well known for experiencing much blooming. This makes more sense to see high search terms when you realize recently areas of the California desert have started to bloom after a very rainy winter. The importance to this is from areas of the desert possibly becoming more habitable for living and farming.Original atrticle here.

This was especially relevant due to the recent eclipse, apparently enough people were looking directly at the sun, and then decided to wonder why their eyes hurt, googled it and then found it was due to the eclipse. This was enough of a common search that The New York Times decided to cover the story. This is important because it shows how many people directly ignore common warning about events happening across the nation. Link to artcile.